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Munchies Sandwich Bar - Marvels Woods

Munchies Sandwich Bar is a family-run cafe in Mottingham, offering freshly made hot and cold sandwiches and toasts, hot snacks, jacket potatoes, lasagnes, hot dogs, quiches, salads, fruit salads and soups, as well as a selection of teas, coffees and refreshments. Munchies Sandwich Bar also sells fresh bread and a selection of homemade cakes.

Map showing location of Munchies Breakfast Bar
  • Address: 89 Mottingham Road, SE9 4TJ
  • Phone: 020 8851 0511
  • Open: Monday-Friday 7.30am-3pm, Saturday 8am-3pm

Green Chain Walk Section 9 passes near Munchies Sandwich Bar.

Getting there

The nearest station is Mottingham.

  • From: Mottingham Station - Take bus 124, 126 or 161 from Stop MD (towards Catford, Bromley or Chislehurst)
  • To: Mottingham Road / Court Road

For travel information from your home to the cafe ring 0843 222 1234 or use the Transport for London Journey Planner.

Marvels Woods

Marvels Wood

Marvels Woods is a reminder of the ancient woodlands that at one time covered this area. In the stream next to the Sports Ground you can see three spined sticklebacks - but please donʼt disturb them.

Enjoy the short 'wild walkabout' trail and the nature-inspired mosaic created by local children.