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Green Chain Walk - sections

Section 2: Erith Riverside to Bostall Woods

Enjoy panoramic view of the Thames estuary at Erith before heading up to higher climes at Bostall Woods and London's hidden heathland!

Distance: 3.5 miles (1 hour 45 minutes)

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  1. From the riverside walk down Corinthian Manorway, turn left and cross West Street. Then turn right.
  2. Follow Jessett Close, which heads left past the church and cross over the footbridge. Head left along Pembroke Road, then turn right and go along Valley Road, which leads you into Franks Park.
  3. Follow the marker posts, which head left to the Green Chain major signpost. Turn right to then leave the park to follow along Halt Robin Road.
  4. Cross Lower Park Road to the junction. Cross over Picardy Road. Follow Upper Abbey Road to Heron Hill. Turn right then head left past the pub into Leather Bottle Lane.
  5. Turn left into Lesnes Abbey Woods. Follow the markers, which head left up the hill and right at the crossing. Pass the tumulus, which is very little hill or mound of earth. Then turn right and go downhill. Cross the main track, then head left and then to the right to reach the major signpost.
  6. Follow the marker posts up through the woods, then turn right to reach New Road.  Cross over New Road.
  7. Go back into the woods. Turn left to follow the marker posts up to the pond and keep going straight ahead.
  8. Turn left towards Hurst Lane. At Hurst Lane, turn right and keep going to Knee Hill. Go left and then right into Bostall Heath, and go through the woodland.
  9. At Bostall Hill (A206) turn left and then right to cross the road. Follow the path around the right hand side edge of the cricket field. Then cross Longleigh Lane into Bostall Woods at the Green Chain major signpost.

OS Map: Explorer 162, Or a Green Chain route guide which costs £3.50 and can be ordered from the South East London Green Chain on 020 8921 5876 or email the Green Chain

Start point: Erith, Corinthian Manorway, (Grid Reference 510-788)

End point: Bostall Woods (Longleigh Lane, Grid Reference 471-779)

Get there:

  • By railway: Erith, Belvedere, Abbey Wood
  • By bus: Erith, Belvedere, Abbey Wood, Knee Hill, Longleigh Lane and Bostall Hill

The section of the walk passes through Bexley and Royal Greenwich. The London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark look after this walk.