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Green Chain Walk - sections

Section 3: Bostall Woods to Oxleas Woods

Delightful stretches of ancient woodland reveal nature in all its variety and splendour.

Distance: 2.5 miles (1 hour 15 minutes)

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  1. At the Green Chain major signpost follow the left hand path (with Bostall Heath behind you) and keep going straight ahead. Follow the path down the hill taking the middle path where the path splits into three. Follow the marker posts through Bostall Woods, keeping the open glade on your left. This brings you out at the lodge, called Woodside, at the end of the driveway.
  2. At Woodside turn left and go down the track to Cemetery Road. Then turn right to follow the cemetery wall.
  3. Keep going along Cemetery Road and turn left into Wickham Lane. Cross the road and turn right at the Foresters Arms. Follow Highbanks Close, when it begins to bear left enter East Wickham Open Space. Keep going to the top of the hill and the Green Chain information board. Keep going straight ahead to the Green Chain major signpost.
  4. At the signpost head right alongside the edge of the planting area. Then turn right to follow the wooden marker posts across East Wickham Open Space. Keep going through the areas of recently planted trees and out onto Glenmore Road. Turn left along Glenmore Road, and then right into Dryden Road. Follow Dryden Road, you will need to cross Edison Road and pass Milton Road.
  5. Temporary Diversion starts.
    At the end of Dryden Road turn left along Keats Road and then turn right into Chaucer Road, crossing over the road at this point. Continue along Chaucer Road following the Green Chain signage until you reach Shoulder of Mutton Green. Continue along this green space along the footpath and bear right to join Wickham Street. Cross over the road at this point and turn left along Wickham Street until the junction with the busy Bellegrove Road, where you turn right. Continue along Bellegrove Road passing Hillview Drive and Rokesby Close until you reach a public house and a petrol station.
    Temporary Diversion ends.
  6. Just past the petrol station cross the road via the pedestrian refuge and turn right and then left to enter Oxleas Wood past 415 Bellegrove Road. Take a right turn a short way inside the woods and follow the marker posts through the woods to reach the wider horse ride track. Turn left along this track and continue for some distance to reach the Green Chain major signpost.

OS Map: Explorer 162, Or a Green Chain route guide which costs £3.50 and can be ordered from the South East London Green Chain on 020 8921 5876 or email the Green Chain

Start point: Bostall Woods (Longleigh Lane, Grid Reference 471-779)

End point: Oxleas Meadows (Grid Reference439-762)

Get there:

  • By railway: Falconwood
  • By bus: Stops are at Longleigh Lane, Bostall Hill, Wickham Lane, Edison Road, Shooters Hill, Falconwood

The section of the walk passes through Bexley and Royal Greenwich. The London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark look after this walk.