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Green Chain Walk - sections

Section 5: Thames Barrier to Oxleas Wood

Visit the world's largest moveable flood barrier before heading up to London's finest Jacobean mansion and a secret castle in the woods!

Distance: 4.5 miles (2 hours 10 minutes)

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  1. From the Green Chain major signpost on the riverside, cross the embankment and pass the coach park. Cross over two roads following the marker posts, this leads you through the gardens and the open space to Woolwich Road. Cross over the road and go into the park, the walk divides here, you have two choices in your direction from here.
  2. To walk to Maryon Park, turn left and then right at the ‘Circle of stones'. Pass the playground on your right and go on to the Green Chain signpost. Follow the marker posts around to the right, and through the park. Turn right to go up the steps to Thorntree Road, (to miss the steps turn left into Maryon Road, go right along Maryon Road then right up Woodland Terrace to Thorntree Road).
  3. Or to walk to Gilberts Pit, turn right and then bear left. Just after the metal fencing turn left and go up the steps to the marker post. (You can also keep going up the steps to see great views of the Barrier and east London.) To keep going along the walk, turn right and follow the path which heads right to follow around the edge of the meadow and through a gate into Thorntree Road.
  4. From either route cross Thorntree Road and follow the signs into Maryon Wilson Park. Follow the marker posts to the Green Chain signpost, where the routes join. Keep going on towards Charlton Park Road.
  5. At Charlton Park Road, turn right and cross over the road at the bollards. Go into Charlton Park and follow the path to the Green Chain major signpost. Turn right, and follow the path to the end and turn left.
  6. Follow the path almost to the end and then turn left, follow the marker posts which run alongside the railings. Leave the park at the gate leading into Charlton Park Lane. Turn right, and cross over Canberra Road at the mini roundabout and turn left. Follow Inigo Jones Road, and cross over Prince Henry Road and go into Hornfair Park.
  7. Turn left and go around the play area, go across Hornfair park then turn left into a narrow path. Head right through the gate and keep going straight ahead to Baker Road. Turn left and soon after head right to follow the path across Woolwich Common.
  8. Head towards the former Royal Military Academy, then turn right where the paths cross. Then head left to go towards the Green Chain major signpost on Academy Road.
  9. Head right, along Academy Road, cross over Academy Road and Shooters Hill at the traffic lights. Turn left along Shooters Hill and head right to go into Eltham Common.
  10. Go across Eltham Common and follow the markers into Castlewood. Follow the paths as far as the small car park. Turn right and follow the path, heading right to Severndroog Castle (or straight ahead to miss the steps to return to the main route in Jackwood).
  11. From the castle, go down the steps to a formal garden, then go left through Jackwood. urn right into another garden area. Keep the red brick building to your left. Turn right soon after you pass the gardens, and go through the woodland to the top of Oxleas Meadows.
  12. From the Green Chain signpost next to the pavilion, follow the signposts to Oxleas Wood.

OS Map: Explorer 162, Or a Green Chain route guide which costs £3.50 and can be ordered from the South East London Green Chain on 020 8921 5876 or email the Green Chain

Start point: Thames Barrier (Grid Reference 416-793)

End point: Oxleas Meadows (Grid Reference 439-762)

Get there:

  • By railway: Charlton, Falconwood
  • By bus: Charlton, Falconwood, Woolwich Road, Thorntree Road, Charlton Village and Shooters Hill

The section of the walk passes through Royal Greenwich. The London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark look after this walk.