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Green Chain Walk - sections

Section 8: Mottingham Lane to Beckenham Place Park (via Downham and Chinbrook Link)

Wildlife lovers and artists will love this section, which reveal protected reserves whose colours transform with the seasons.

Distance: 4.5 miles (2 hours 15 minutes)

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  1. This journey starts at the Green Chain major signpost, you will need to turn right along Mottingham Lane. Fairmount should be on the other side of the road, as you get nearer to it you will come across a footpath leading to the left. Follow the footpath, which leads between the hospital grounds and playing fields, it takes you to the sports pavilion. Follow the access road to reach Marvels Lane and the Green Chain major signpost.
  2. Turn right and follow Marvels Lane past the hospital. Turn right and go along Somertrees Avenue for a short distance and then cross over the road. Turn left and go along Coopers Lane, at the end of the road cross Baring Road (A2212) and turn right.
  3. Alternatively cross over Marvels Lane and follow the path alongside the River Quaggy. You need to cross Chinbrook Road into Chinbrook Meadows. Follow the path through the Meadows and head left at the railway tunnel entrance and then right where the paths cross. Follow the path out of the Meadows, between the allotments and the railway line. This brings you to the major signpost near the railway bridge.
  4. Keep going along Baring Road, then turn left after 100 metres down the footpath, to cross over the railway by the footbridge. Carry on along the path to join Reigate Road.
  5. Follow Reigate Road and cross over Verdant Lane (near the petrol station) to the Green Chain major signpost. Follow Whitefoot Terrace, and then head left down the woodland strip in the centre of Woodbank Road. Then head right and go along the strip between Undershaw and Shaw Roads.
  6. At the end of Undershaw and Shaw Roads, cross over Moorside Road into the Downham Woodland Walk. Keep going until you reach Downderry Road.
  7. Cross over Downderry Road and carry on along Downham Woodland Walk. Go left to cross over Oakshade Road, then as you reach the school, head right to reach Oakridge Road. Cross over Oakridge Road and the main Bromley Road (A21) to go down old Bromley Road. Cross over Brangbourne Road. Turn right into Beckenham Place Park and follow the path, you will cross the River Ravensbourne by a footbridge.
  8. Turn sharp left to take the path leading over the railway line. Head left and follow the marker posts along the paths, which go around the golf course. You will come to the Green Chain major signpost in the centre of the park. Just before this point, a short but relatively steep alternative route is marked to miss out some steps.
  9. Head right and keep going along the path across the golf course, following the marker posts, towards Beckenham Place Mansion.
  10. Just before the mansion, turn right to come out near the car park. Turn left and go along the drive, and then right along a path to leave the park at Beckenham Hill Road. Turn left and follow Southend Road, and cross over to turn right into Stumps Hill Lane.

OS Map: Explorer 162, Or a Green Chain route guide which costs £3.50 and can be ordered from the South East London Green Chain on 020 8921 5876 or email the Green Chain

Start point: Mottingham Lane (Grid Reference 418-731)

End point: Beckenham (Southend Road Grid Reference 375-707) or Grove Park Cemetery (GR 416-713)

Get there:

  • By railway: Mottingham, Grove Park, Beckenham Hill
  • By bus: Mottingham, Grove Park, Beckenham Hill, Beckenham Junction, Downham and Southend Road
  • By tram: Beckenham Junction

The section of the walk passes through Bromley and Lewisham. The London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark look after this walk.