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Green Chain Walk - sections

Section 9: Mottingham Lane to Beckenham Place Park (and Chislehurst to Elmstead Wood)

Highlights include Chislehurst Village with its ponds and cafes, and the delights of Elmstead Woods and the mansion house at Sundridge Park.

Distance: 4.5 miles (2 hours 15 minutes)

There is an optional start point at Chislehurst, a two-mile (one hour) walk to Elmstead Wood.

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  1. This journey starts at the Green Chain major signpost, turn left here and follow Mottingham Lane to Grove Park Road. Turn right down Grove Park Road and pass Eltham College gates.
  2. Keep going down Grove Park Road. At the bend turn left to enter Mottingham Sports Ground. Follow the drive to the pavilion and go straight ahead across the grass. At the far end of the field turn left. After 30m turn right to go into Lower Marvels Wood. Follow the path, heading right where the path forks. This brings you onto Dunkery Road. Cross over the road and follow the marker posts through the wood to Castleton Road. Cross straight over, and go along Calcot Walk. Turn left at Charminster Road, and then right at Castlecombe Road. Turn right onto the first path to go into Marvels Wood. Follow the marker posts through the wood, turning right where the paths cross to enter Elmstead Wood. Follow the path as it heads left, keeping the cemetery railings on your right.
  3. At the Green Chain major signpost, carry on straight ahead to the metal railings next to the railway cutting. Turn right and follow the hedge, this brings you to the major signpost and information board near the railway bridge.
  4. Cross over the railway footbridge and go straight ahead along New Street Hill. Take the footpath on the left, which is opposite Oak Tree Gardens. With the golf course railings on your left, follow the path past the allotments.
  5. Keep going along the path, and turn right to follow the path past the tennis club. Cross the footbridge over the railway, this takes you to Minster Road.
  6. Cross over Minster Road to the Green Chain major signpost and follow the footpath ahead. The footpath takes you to Nichol Lane. Cross over Nichol Lane and turn right to follow Foxbury Road. At the end of Foxbury Lane you will need to cross over Croft Road and turn right. Carry on along Croft Road until you come to Burnt Ash Lane (A2212). At Burnt Ash Lane cross over at the pedestrian island to reach Park Avenue opposite.
  7. Follow Park Avenue to the Green Chain major signpost, which is at the junction with Bromley Hill (A21) and London Lane
  8. Cross over Bromley Hill (A21) to Oaklands Road using the pedestrian island. Carry on along Oaklands Road and turn right into Coniston Road. When you reach Elstree Hill turn left.
  9. At the end of Elstree Hill, cross over and turn right to go along Calmont Road. Turn left and follow the footpath around Warren Avenue open space. Cross the footbridge over the Ravensbourne River and out into Ravensmead Road. Carry on straight over and turn right along Ravensbourne Avenue, then left into Crab Hill. Take the path on the right side of the road, leading into Beckenham Place Park, just after Ravensboume Station. Follow the tree-lined path, when you reach the wood turn left. Turn right just before the building, and follow the marker posts through the woods to the Green Chain major signpost.
  10. Bear left and continue along the path across the golf course following the marker posts towards Beckenham Place Mansion.

Optional start point: Chislehurst to Elmstead Wood - 2 miles (1 hour)

  1. From the Green Chain major signpost at Prickend Pond, pass the Queens Head Pub to your right. Follow the signs up the High Street and cross the road next to the church. Keep going along the High Street turning left into a green alleyway. Go down the alley, keeping the school playing fields to your right.
  2. Just after the pavilion turn right into Whytes Woodland. Carry on up the hill, with the school on your right, until you come out at the Recreation Ground. Keep going straight ahead on then bear left to pass Green Chain major signpost. Follow the marker posts around the edge of the open space to join the tarmacked footpath.
  3. Follow the footpath, you will pass the college on your left. You will come out on a little road with no name. Follow this to the main road (Elmstead Lane). Turn left, and then right to cross over the road and go into Elmstead Wood. Carry on straight ahead to follow the marker posts through the wood, and join section 9 at the Green Chain major signpost.

OS Map: Explorer 162, Or a Green Chain route guide which costs £3.50 and can be ordered from the South East London Green Chain on 020 8921 5876 or email the Green Chain

Start point: Mottingham Lane (Grid Reference 418-731) or Chislehurst (Prickend Pond, Grid Reference 439-708)

End point: Beckenham Place Park (Grid Reference 383-706)

Get there:

  • By railway: Mottingham, Chislehurst, Elmstead Woods, Sundridge Park, Ravensbourne
  • By bus: Mottingham, Chislehurst, Elmstead Woods, Sundridge Park, Ravensbourne, Beckenham Junction and Bromley Hill
  • By tram: Beckenham Junction

The section of the walk passes through Bromley and Lewisham. The London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark look after this walk.